Mark Wahlberg gets ready for some scuba diving in first Ted 2 image

The first image from comedy sequel Ted 2 has emerged online, featuring Mark Wahlberg and his furry friend about to embark upon a spot of scuba diving.

The image comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, who also report that there will be no additional talking critters introduced to proceedings second time out…

“It's basically the way we treated Stewie in Family Guy,” explains MacFarlane. “He's the only one of his kind who can talk.”

Plot details remain few and far between, save for the fact that Morgan Freeman will turn up to represent Ted when the bear requires the assistance of a civil rights lawyer…

Co-starring Amanda Seyfried as the replacement for the departed Mila Kunis, Ted 2 will open in the US on 26 June 2015, before arriving in the UK on 10 July 2015.

George Wales

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