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Mark Millar offering the chance to name a character in Kick-Ass 3

Ever fancied being a comic-book superhero? Well now you can be, in name at least, thanks to Mark Millar and John Romita Jr’s latest charity auction.

Bidding has begun on eBay for the chance to name two new characters that’ll appear in the Kick-Ass 3 comics: one’s a major hero, and the other’s Dave’s superhero rival.

Past auctions - for the likes of Kick-Ass , Superior and The Secret Service - have raised money for schools, which means there’s a wholesome good deed that comes along with gaining ultra-cool comic cred.

Kick-Ass ’s title character, Dave Lizewski, was named in a similar auction, don’t you know?

If you're interested in getting involved, check out the major hero character auction , and the rival superhero option . Auctions close on 8 June 2013.

The next movie in the series - Kick-Ass 2 - opens in the UK on 14 August 2013.