Margot Robbie spied reading up on Harley Quinn, mayhaps in preparation for Gotham City Sirens

Ever since the Harley Quinn spin-off movie Gotham City Sirens (opens in new tab) was revealed, fans have been wondering what the plot will be. Heck, we even did a little speculating ourselves. But if the comic that actress Margot Robbie was recently spied reading is any indication, there might be a more quirky or even romantic tone to the film.

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Robbie was spotted walking through LAX with a copy of Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1, which has the titular Harley robbing corrupt "gazillionaires," fighting D-list villain The Mighty Carp, and winning a charity date with Bruce Wayne.

That's quite a lot to pack into a film, and the story only features fellow Siren Poison Ivy in passing, so I highly doubt the upcoming movie will be an adaptation of the V-Day Special. Reddit user ArkOrb (opens in new tab) also notes that this looks like a collection of Harley Quinn comics - specifically Harley Quinn Vol. 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Stab. So again, I doubt this has much to do with Gotham City Sirens' plot as much as the tone and overall feel.

Robbie is probably reading the comic as a way to get into the head of Quinn again, perhaps intending to portray her as bit more light-hearted this time around.

Either that or she just likes the comics.

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