Liv Tyler talks to Strangers

Clearly all those years of public information and kids’ safety videos have never gotten through to Liv Tyler. How else do you explain that the LOTR actress would agree to get into a film called Strangers?

We’re thinking a decent salary. You see, Tyler has signed to Rogue Pictures’ new thriller, Strangers. The plot sees a couple who live in a far-flung suburban house who don’t seem to realise that the domestic tranquillity of having the nearest neighbours miles away is just inviting trouble. Sure, you can probably eat dinner naked, but you’re just setting yourself up for trouble.

Sure enough, the pair gets menaced by a gang of masked strangers, who lay siege to their happy home. Writer/director Bryan Bertino is in charge of the chaos, and once he has an actor to play the other half of the couple and some willing thesps as home invaders, he’ll start shooting in the autumn. The plan is for the film to arrive in time for October next year.