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Limitless limits itself to box office top spot


Bradley Cooper’s new film Limitless took prime position at the US box office this weekend, landing the number one spot.

After tussling with Rango , Battle: Los Angeles , The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul , it led the pack – but only just, earning itself $19m in ticket stubs.

Rango settled for second with $15m, critically drubbed alien invasion film Battle: LA stalled in third ($14.6m), Lincoln Lawyer opened in fourth ($13.4m) and Paul rounded out the top five with $13m.

The rest of the top ten saw less impressive returns, with Red Riding Hood sulking in sixth with just $7.2m, The Adjustment Bureau slacking in seventh ($5.9m) and Mars Needs Moms clinging on for dear life in eighth ($5.3m).

Beastly continued its disappointing run in ninth place ($3.2m), as did the moderately well-reviewed Hall Pass in tenth with just $3.6m.