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Leo DiCaprio still Wolf Of Wall Street

Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott could be taking a break from working with Russell Crowe to re-team with Leonardo DiCaprio for book adap The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Terence Winter, who once lent his supreme writing talents to The Best TV Show Ever That’s Not The Wire ( The Sopranos ) has adapted the script from Jordan Belfort’s 2008 memoir.

DiCaprio has been attached to the film for some time, with his favourite director previously Martin Scorsese attached to steer it. But when production on the adap stalled, the duo went off and made Shutter Island instead.

Now it seems it’s Ridley Scott to the rescue, as he’s in talks to jump into the directing chair. That’s if he and DiCaprio aren’t too busy making Grucci and Brave New World , of course.

Wolf Of Wall Street follows ill-fated genius Jordan Belfort who, in the ‘90s, became one of the most famous American financiers.

A stock-chopper with connections to the mob, he made a thousand dollars every minute, and lived a life stuffed with drugs and sex. Colourful events include a binge that ended up sinking a massive motor yacht, the crashing of a Gulfstream jet, and a $700,000 hotel bill.

In other words, just the kind of role you’d expect DiCaprio to be interested in.

Source: [ Deadline ]

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