Joseph Kosinski reboots Tron

Less than a week after we reported on original Tron director Steven Lisberger finally getting another movie going (Soul Code) after his career vanished down a digital rabbit hole comes word that a new version of the film will be downloaded from Disney.

Joseph Kosinski, who despite not having a single film outside of adverts to his name, has been signed to direct the new version, which is being called less a sequel and more the next chapter in the Tron universe’s story. You might recall he’s also the man that Warner Brothers has entrusted its Logan’s run remake to.

The script will be scribbled by Lost writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, with Kosinski overseeing development and also cranking out a test of the classic light cycle sequence using modern CG techniques to establish the visual look of the new movie.

And there’s no need to feel bad for Lisberger – he’s on board as a producer, and he’ll no doubt have plenty of input. But a word of advice – if they don’t hire original villain David Warner to play a role, it’s the logic probe for everyone!

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