John Leguizamo joins The Ministers

Empire director Franc Reyes is looking to get the old team back together. He’s offered John Leguizamo – who starred in his 2002 gangland drama – a role in his next film, thriller The Ministers.

The story follows an NYPD female detective who carries the scars of her cop father’s murder from 13 years ago. The only evidence on that killing was a pamphlet left behind advertising the titular shady religious group.

While they haven’t been active for more than decade, she learns that they’ve returned. But when she tries to convince her bosses to investigate, she’s removed from the case and ordered to stay away. And there’s an extra wrinkle – she’s in love with a man (Leguizamo) who is a member of the group.

Reyes plans to start shooting the film this December in New York.