Jeremy Renner on Better Living Through Chemistry

Jennifer Garner

Jeremy Renner’s busy year is just about to get busier. Why? He’s just added another project to his ever-growing stack with Better Living Through Chemistry .

Having already signed himself up for fairytale horror Hansel And Gretel, The Avengers , Sheldon Turner’s Virtue Fall and, lest we forget, the new Mission: Impossible , Renner’s clearly having a ball surfing his Hurt Locker success.

In Chemistry , he's set to co-star with Jennifer Garner for a drug-addled dramedy that follows his small-town pharmacist escaping a dried-up marriage for fun with Garner's 'other woman'.

She introduces him to prescription drugs, and as their affair begins to heat up, the two start to plot killing her husband.

Perhaps most interesting is Garner’s potential involvement, the actress having stuck mainly to fluffier fare despite the odd hard-ball turn in things like The Kingdom . She’s not quite in the fold yet, though – she’s still got a pesky contract to sign.

Renner’s next flick The Town opens on 24 September, while Garner is currently filming Arthur with Russell Brand.

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