Izzard bails on 24

It’s the show actors queue around the block to audition for; one of the biggest ratings grabbers currently on telly and a juggernaut success on DVD. So why exactly did gagslinger Eddie Izzard trot away from the set of 24 after one day and not go back?

Izzard had scribbled on the dotted line to play an all round nasty piece of work named McCarthy when Jack Bauer returns for his sixth shitty day next year. Ironically, after just 24 hours of graft, Eddie walked and has now been replaced by fellow Brit thesp David Hunt.

Hunt – who has popped up in several TV shows such as Monk and Numb3rs – took on the role and production barely suffered a hiccup.

One reason why Izzard may have left the production is his pilot show The Riches, set for broadcast on the FX Network has been snapped up for a series. The show will follow Eddie as one half of a former confidence trickster couple who decide to settle down to life in suburbia. His missus will be fleshed out by Minnie Driver.

Izzard’s thesping rep has been bolstered by some quirky turns in Romance And Cigarettes and Ocean’s Twelve, so it’s a shame he had to bail… still, our money would’ve been on Jack anyway.

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