Hammer rises from the dead

Smelling the scent of blood – sorry, money – Dutch producer John De Mol has splashed some cash to buy the horror studio Hammer Film Productions, best known for their legendary ‘60s and ‘70s Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster and Mummy movies.

Money firm Cyrte Investments has bought up the Hammer library of around 300 movies and plans to exploit the titles for new outings. "Hammer is a great British media brand that has lain dormant but lived on in people's imaginations. It is more intelligent and character-driven than traditional American 'goreography,' and we intend to capitalize on this and make it a global brand," deal broker and studio runner-to be Simon Oakes gushed in a state. “Goreography”? Someone’s been brushing up on their made-up-word-a-day toilet paper.

The new production unit will crank out both films and TV shows, with the company apparently already chatting up one of the UK channels about a Hammer Horror show. That sound you hear is Christopher Lee brushing off his favourite cloak.