Guitar Hero for movies?

If you’re sick of banging away on fake instruments and really just want to insert yourself into classic films instead, help is apparently now at hand.

A US company called YooStar has patented a way to let you appear in clips from famous films and even shoot your own, thanks to a kit that includes a webcam, green screen, microphones and computer software.

We’re not convinced it will be quite as much fun as the likes of Rock Band, but they’re also including a couple of moving backgrounds so you can improv your own scenes.

Oh, and they’ll let you upload the finished product – but only to their own website.

So far, you just get clips from The Terminator, Beverly Hills Cop and Sunset Boulevard, but the company plans to have other more available to download for a price.

And talking of price, the whole thing will set you back a whopping $170 – and there’s no word on a UK edition yet. We’re guessing if the company can find enough loaded, bored teenagers to sell it to across the pond, they’ll target our shores soon enough…

[Source: Variety ]

Would you buy or use something like this? Or does it sound like a waste of money?

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