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Get Smart 2 ups the ante

Back in 2008 (doesn’t that feel a long time ago?), Peter Segal’s modern update of ‘60s spy TV series Get Smart was a modest hit, grossing $230m against its $80m budget.

No surprise that Warner Bros are keen on a sequel, then.

And star of the original Steve Carell is evidently looking forward to donning the suit and making a tit out of himself again.

Speaking with MTV , Carell revealed that he’s read the script and he's a fan. “It’s funny, it’s a good plot, I like it,” he said.

What should we expect? Well, apparently it “switches things up a little bit this time around. It definitely ups the ante,” the 47-year-old comedian revealed.

His Tina Fey team-up Date Night opens in the UK on 21 April, but Carell is kept busy with his own TV show, the US version of The Office . So production on Smart 2 will have to take place during the show’s hiatus.

Any dates in mind? “That's still somewhere out there,” Carell says. “I'm not sure when that's going to come down.”

Either way, we’ve got a Get Smart 2 in the pipeline. Whether that fills you will horror or joy is your call – we just hope Anne Hathaway returns, whips out that black eyeliner and resurrects her fun spy routine.

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