Fox adapting Mark Millars Starlight

Fox is set to bring another Mark Millar comic-book property to the big screen, with THR reporting that an adaptation of Starlight is currently in the works.

The comic-book follows the adventures of a space hero who rescued Earth from an intergalactic threat, only to return home to a sceptical public who refuse to believe his stories.

Having shacked himself up with a wife and children, our hero appears to have put his adventures to bed, until his old rocket makes a sudden appearance and he is called up for one last mission.

The comic-book is described by Millar as “ Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight Returns ”, which sounds like something we would very much like to see in movie form...

Fox’s man of the moment Simon Kinberg is on board to produce, while the specifics of Millar’s involvement have yet to be confirmed. If nothing else, this would at least indicate that the man seemingly replaced by Kinberg on Marvel duties is still very much in the Fox fold...

George Wales

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