Fantastic Four Reborn directors shortlisted

Bruce Willis

Fantastic Four is going the Spidey route with a slate-wiping reboot, this much we already know. But aside from a few casting whispers and the revelation that Thing will be CGI, nobody’s been talking very much about the project.

Until today. CBM report that 20th Century Fox have got three directors lined up as favourites for the comic book re-do: David Yates, Joe Carnahan and James McTeigue.

Yup, all three have headed up some massive box office brawls, with Yates having directed the final four Harry Potter flicks, Carnahan re-assembling the A-Team , and McTeigue the guy behind the camera for V For Vendetta .

Each, though, are as different as night and day. Yates has shown a penchant for drama, while Carnahan favours all-out, teeth-gritting action. Whoever Fox choose, they’ll be shooting in 3D.

Another rumour to file under ‘We Hope This Happens But We Won’t Hold Our Breath’ is that Bruce Willis will be taking on the role of Thing this time around.

Fox reportedly want the action godfather to voice the character’s CGI embodiment, while also appearing in early scenes before his character is transformed into the craggy hero we all know and love. World? Meet perfect casting...

Fantastic Four Reborn is due out during the summer of 2012.

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