Family Business

Sometimes, just sometimes, cinematic justice does happen. For years now, The Crying Game director Neil Jordan has been trying to get his Borgia project off the ground. He almost made it in 2002, with Ewan McGregor and Christina Ricci. But a collapse in funding meant it went back on the shelf.

Now he’s getting a second chance – with a little help from Scarlett Johansson and Colin Farrell.

Borgia focuses on the legendary family from 15th century Rome, and the machinations that happen when the Pope dies in 1492. Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia arrives as the front-runner to take over the job and the huge hat, but ends up alienating his family. Those annoyed include Lucrezia (Johansson) a woman with murder on her mind and the manipulative Cesare (Farrell) who is her closest confidante. Murder, mayhem and backstabbing? Bring it on!