Exclusive: take a look at the UK poster for Life After Beth

In a UK exclusive, we’ve managed to get our hands on the UK poster for rom-zom-com, Life After Beth , in which Aubrey Plaza plays the zombie girlfriend of Dane DeHaan.

The new film follows the lovelorn DeHaan as he tries to come to terms with the apparent death of his beloved girlfriend in a freak accident.

Imagine his surprise, then, when it turns out her parents have concealed the fact that she isn’t dead after all… she just isn’t exactly “alive” either.

The new poster gives you the general gist of proceedings, as DeHaan desperately tries to rehabilitate Plaza into society, only for her to unleash bloody mayhem at every opportunity.

Directed by Jeff Baena and co-starring John C. Reilly, Anna Kendrick and Molly Shannon, Life After Beth will open in the UK on 1 October 2014.

George Wales

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