DC to attend Kapow! 2012

This year's Kapow! festival promises to be a real treat for comic-book aficionados, with DC Entertainment climbing aboard the bandwagon to announce a raft of special events at London's Business Design Centre.

Kapow! will be the first UK convention attended by both Marvel and DC in nearly 20 years, so the news is something of a coup for the festival organisers.

DC will be running a special panel to discuss their upcoming Watchmen prequel series, Before Watchmen , with co-publisher Dan DiDio set to attend, alongside the likes of Bob Wayne, Will Dennis and Scott Snyder.

There will also be a DC panel dedicated to The New 52, inviting a discussion of the recent relaunch of DC's entire roster (yep, all 52 of 'em) of existing titles.

The event will take place between 19-20 May, with tickets available from the official website . What are you waiting for? Geek nirvana awaits you...

George Wales

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