Click here for Click

Adam Sandler - you either love him or hate him. For those who can’t get enough of the New York joke-slinger, the official website for his new movie Click has just been launched.

Click follows the hectic life of Michael Newman (Sandler) who pops to the shops to purchase a universal remote control and ends up with a remote control for the universe.

Newman has fun pausing his kids in mid-tantrum, fast-forwarding barneys with his wife (Kate Beckinsale) and stopping his arrogant boss mid-sentence so he can slap him about - which is even more gratifying when your guv’nor is David Hasslehoff.

The inevitable moral lesson will be slipped in at the end to spoil the fun no doubt but judging from the trailer, it’s got enough gags to get by.

Click is released in the UK at the end of September. Click here (opens in new tab) to visit the official site.

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