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Cameron Diaz, Meryl Streep and Milla Jovovich in talks for ExpendaBelles?

Producer Avi Lerner has been talking up the casting process for his female-centric Expendables spin-off (affectionately termed The ExpendaBelles ), and claims that some big-name actresses are in talks to sign up.

According to Lerner, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich and Meryl Streep are all in discussions to join the cast, while other A-list actresses are also on his hit-list.

“The action movie will be spectacular,” says Lerner, “and in nothing inferior to the three male movies of the The Expendables . There will be battles, special and visual effects and stunts.”

“The spectacle will be equivalent to what Sylvester Stallone [ et al ] have done. Two excellent screenwriters are already working on the picture. Now we are in search of a female director.”

We’ll be taking the notion of Meryl Streep signing up for this one with just the tiniest pinch of salt, but then again, we’ve been wrong before. Maybe we’ll be seeing a different kind of Iron Lady sooner rather than later…

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