Bruce Willis and Sean Penn know What Just Happened?

Art Linson’s name is one that’s been attached to movies for a long time. So it only stands to reason that – thanks to the amazing tales his memoir recounted of bad days and jarring stars as he produced some of the biggest releases – the adaptation of that book would be attracting some hefty names.

With Robert De Niro already on board and Barry Levinson directing, the film version now has extra star clout: Bruce Willis, Sean Penn (an old mate of Linson’s), Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and Kristen Stewart have all signed on the dotted to appear.

We don’t yet know what roles they’re all playing, but we do know that the story follows De Niro as a harried producer (no real surprise there) as he tries to maintain his dignity and keep his family together as his latest project starts to fall apart.

Levinson cranks his cameras starting 22 March in LA.