Bruce Dern finds Hart's Location

When you’re making your first foray behind the camera after a long acting career, it helps if you can develop an easy rapport with the thesps you’ll be directing.

Bruce Dern realises the value of this, which is why he’s filling his directorial debut, Hart’s Location with his daughter, Laura Dern and his ex-wife Diane Ladd. Oh, and he’s also nabbed a plum role.

Writer/producer Ashley Reed wrote the script, which finds a daughter trying to grab custody of her son and looking for her father, who left the family when she was three. "It made sense for all of us to be in this project because a lot of the story turns on the things that you wish that you'd said to your family members," Dern gassed to Variety.

Ah, there’s nothing like a bit of nepotism to keep the movie business going. Oh, all right… so maybe Dern and Ladd have sorted forged decent careers already. Let us have our fun, won’t you?