Branagh reworking Sleuth

See if you can work this one out… Michael Caine is set to appear in the remake of a movie he starred in 34 years ago but he’s vacating his original role which will be taken by Jude Law, who also played Caine’s role in the Alfie remake – confused? Yeah, us too.

Legendary Brit helmer/thesp Kenneth Branagh is currently adapting Anthony Shaffer’s play Sleuth, about a thriller writer who loses his missus to a young hairdresser, so he cooks up some sweet revenge.

Sir Michael Caine has signed on to star as the narked-off scribbler, a role played by Laurence Olivier in Joseph Mankiewicz’s 1972 flick of the same name. Jude Law will star as the dashing crimper.

Branagh is finalising his cast and is set to shoot at Twickenham studios in January.