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Bill & Ted 3 has a director

Bill & Ted 3 has taken a step closer to actually happening, with the news that Dean Parisot has signed on to direct.

Parisot may not be a household name, but he directed a comedy that you probably love: spot-on spoof Galaxy Quest . He also directed the considerably less-loved Fun With Dick And Jane , and he’s currently working on old-people-with-guns sequel Red 2 .

His appointment to B & T is promising though. After all, he’s proven he can handle a comedy that returns to mock characters whose heyday has long since passed, and he knows his way around a cult hit.

Both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are attached to the threequel, and original creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson have penned the script. Best of all? It’s a genuine sequel - not a remake or a torch-passing reboot.

Don’t get too excited just yet though - Bill & Ted 3 is still seeking a studio to co-fund with rights-owner MGM.