Johnny Depp makes clapping terrifying in Black Mass

Johnny Depp is shaking off the family-friendly persona he established in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for his role in upcoming gangster biopic Black Mass. To play the famous James "Whitey" Bulger, Depp's embraced his dark side and the results are downright creepy. In the first full-length trailer that hit the web today, we're invited further into his vengeance streak.

Where the earlier trailer zoomed in on his domestic life, today's clip ramps things up a notch and deals with Whitey's intimidating approach to crime. Guns, cars, and violence. Just another day in the life. Check it out below:

Joel Edgerton and Benedict Cumberbatch each get a look in, with the former playing an FBI agent who brokers a deal with the Irish mobster and the latter as Whitey's brother. Expectations are high, as this might be Depp's year to finally bag that Oscar. Directed by Scott Cooper, Black Mass opens in the US on September 18, and the UK on November 13.

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Gem Seddon

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