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Tweets Of The Week

Explosions in Lost , Edgar Wright gets the Horne, Neil Gaiman is saying nothing and more from the Twitterverse

Leonard Nimoy joined the Twittersphere two weeks ago and is slowly getting into it. It's great when you feel like you're eavesdropping on the private conversation between two SF giants: “Leonard, following me is a good idea,” Shatner Twittered. “Seeing me is a better idea. I’ll take you out to dinner soon. My best, Bill.” “Hey Bill,” responded Nimoy. “Coming to my house is a good idea. The food is great, the company is wonderful, and it’s all free! LLAP” Can we come?

Neil Gaiman responded this week to questions about what his Doctor Who episode is actually about, referring his followers to a Steven Moffat quote after the Whomeister was asked about Gaiman's ep: “I CAN TELL YOU NOTHING! It’s very, very good. I can’t tell you anything except that it will be on television and it will be in COLOUR!”

(Note to UK viewers: that episode Damon was on about is one on Sky One tonight, and it is fekkin’ awesome. Don’t miss it.)

One viewer who certainly wouldn’t be turning over is the Twitterholic Simon Pegg: “ Oh Lost you make 7 days seem like an eternity and 43 minutes seem like a second.” We second that.