Saturday News Link-A-Mania

Bond Budget
Is Quantum of Solace really budgeted at $230 million, ponders the Bond news-site M16 ? That's what Variety has mentioned in a throwaway comment and which MI6 has picked up on, but it's also almost double what Casino Royale cost to make. Does that figure include marketing costs? Even so, that's a Hell of a budget.

PC TV Watching Could Be Licence Free
According to the website of SFX's sister magazine What Satellite and Digital TV if you only watch TV on catch-up services like BBC iPlayer or 4oD - and you have no other TV receiving equipment in the house - you don't have to pay the TV licence fee. Hurrah! But remember, a saving of £135.50 a year does not cover your fine if you're nicked for downloading bit torrents.

Frank Miller on The Spirit
In a blog on the official site for The Spirit, Frank Miller talks about the script development on his first movie as a solo director. Specifically he concentrates on how he has updated the character of Ellen Dolan, dragging her into the modern world (though he gave up on even attempting to make Ebony White palatable to modern audiences).