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Liev Schreiber talks Chuck biopic

Liev Schreiber is getting ready to enter the ring in a biopic of Chuck ‘The Bayonne Bleeder’ Wepner.

Chuck’s a heavyweight boxer from New Jersey who is credited with inspiring Sylvester Stallone to write Rocky . Schreiber calls his a “hilarious and remarkable” story, and wants to fast track a movie version of his life.

And Schreiber seems to know what he’s doing. While talking to MTV , he revealed that he’s nabbed director Jeff Feuerzeig for the project. Feuerzeig’s last directing gig was 2005’s The Devil And Daniel Johnson , which makes him a very interesting left-field choice for the actor.

Wepner made America (and, importantly, Stallone) sit up when he fought Muhammad Ali in 1975 (Ali was paid $1.5m, Wepner received just $100,000). “I've been a survivor my whole life... If I survived the Marines, I can survive Ali,” the boxer said.

Despite facing the boxing titan, Wepner survived through 15 rounds. During his career, he totalled 35 wins (of which 17 were knockouts), and just 14 loses.

Interesting stuff. And a post- Wolverine Schreiber definitely has a head start on the muscle. More when we get it.

Liev and let die: think this could rock as much as Rocky ?