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Guillermo del Toro "would kill" to direct Pet Sematary

Guillermo del Toro tweeted earlier today of his desire to film a version of Stephen King's resurrection classic, Pet Sematary. And yes, he's well aware there's already an adaptation from the late '80s, but that's not going to dampen his spirits.

Del Toro calls King's 1983 novel "unrelentingly dark and emotional," dubbing the book a "compulsive read" before revealing that he "would kill to make it on film." There's probably not a lot who'd argue with him on all of those points, especially if they'd like to keep living. In retrospect, the 1989 movie opted out of hefty scares and felt a little rushed, unlike the novel that builds to its denouement slowly.

To see the pair join forces would delight horror hounds. King's writing, packed with solid characters and hideous scenarios, is not unlike del Toro's movie worlds, but, alas, there's the little matter of the remake that's already in development.

The Invasion scribe Dave Kajganich penned an early draft that's now got 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Midnight Meat Train writer Jeff Buhler attached. However, that project has been in the works for several years. Maybe del Toro's clout could get things rolling again.

Gem Seddon

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