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Gremlins 3D on the way?

Back in 1990, Joe Dante’s post-modern Gremlins sequel, The New Batch , all put killed off any possibility of the creature features ever developing into a franchise.

Despite that, MarketSaw are now reporting that a third Gremlins film is in early development.

According to their source, Gremlins 3 is also being crafted with one eye fixed firmly on 3D. No big surprise, considering Avatar ’s continued box office coup.

Will Joe Dante be lured back for a third? Last April, when similar Gremlin 3 rumours were circulating, he didn’t seem that keen while speaking to Bloody Disgusting .

Back then, he said: “They won’t be coming to me. I can tell you that for a fact.”

Time will tell if he changes his mind. As for the plot... Will it go the post-modern route, or stick to the first film's resolutely straight-forward horror trappings? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Ready for Gremlins 3D? Scared it'll be a CGI mess? Share your thoughts below...