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Dean Parisot to create Central Intelligence

Director Dean Parisot has been drafted in to direct a new comedy called Central Intelligence .

Centered around an accountant who reconnects with an old friend on Facebook, the film takes a fun twist when the unfortunate accountant finds himself pulled into a plot involving international espionage.

Ed Helms (below, left) is set to take the lead role in what sounds like an entertaining comedy of errors. It would be his first leading role after providing able support in the US The Office , The Hangover and Confessions Of A Shopaholic .

Parisot is most famous for directing the fun and geeky Galaxy Quest . He’s also involved in Scared Guys , a crime comedy about two agoraphobic men who attempt to report a crime.

The director’s last big screen outing was the critically panned Fun With Dick And Jane , which was nevertheless a massive box office hit, raking in $110m Stateside.

Intelligent move for Parisot? Let's discuss...