Ashes To Ashes Fever Hits

After you’ve watched the series finale tonight, pop back here for something special

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It’s the end of an era tonight, with the final ever episode of Ashes To Ashes hitting BBC1 at 9pm. Will it reveal everything? Will it reveal anything? Is Alex mad, in a coma, or on a spaceship? By 10pm today you’ll know. Or not know. Or be totally dazed. Or something.

And you can also pop back here tonight after the show has aired for a little bit of an Ashes To Ashes celebration. Not only will we have a review of the final episode (yep, we’ve seen it, but we’re saying nothing) going live right after the episode finishes, but we’ll have an all-new, exclusive interview with series co-creator and writer Matthew Graham talking about the momentous events you’ll have just witnessed – that goes live at midnight (people who saw this story yesterday please note time change for this). And, of course, you can chat/debate/argue to your hearts’ content about what it all means in the Ashes To Ashes forum thread (opens in new tab) .

Don’t miss out!

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