Anthony Hopkins: Slipstream runner

No one can accuse Anthony Hopkins of resting on his laurels. Well, unless you count that brief time that he told us all he was retiring. Nope, the acting bug continues to chomp down hard on Sir Tone’s noggin and so we’re treated to the 68-year-old award-winner’s plan to multitask, Robert Rodriguez-stylee on a new film.

Slipstream, which sounds like a reality warping mix of The Singing Detective and The Naked Lunch (but without the murder and the giant insects), will see Hopkins writing, directing, scoring and starring in a drama about a long-in-the-tooth script scribbler named Bonhoeffer (Christian Slater, and, if IMDB is to be believed, played by Hopkins himself as an older man). Nabbing a job polishing the script of a murder mystery, the writer finds that his brain is becoming a little less than reliable when characters from the film start seeping into his reality – and people from his life are cropping up in the script. Along for the ride are Gena Rowlands and Flightplan’s Gavin “brother of Brian” Grazer.

With an LA shoot planned for May, Hopkins doesn’t yet have studio backing, but he does have inspiration. According to Production Weekly, the film gets its basis from Hopkins' thoughts on “God, life and death”. NOW we know what he was really thinking about while acting in Bad Company…

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