Affleck tops list for Magnum PI

Poor Tom Selleck... He misses out on the role of Indiana Jones by a chest-hair because he’s tied to telly show Magnum PI – now the producers of the beach-bum detective series are going to plough ahead and make a big-budget flick of the show without him.

"Unfortunately the movie won't star Tom,” producer Charles Floyd Johnson told “He was asked to do six or eight TV movies and at that time he really wanted to do it as a feature, so he held out on it and probably now they will consider him too old to do it.”

It’s a shame to say they’d be right. Step forward Ben Affleck.

Johnson suggests that Affleck is the man he would like to see slip into the Ferrari’s driving seat but no approach has been made as of yet. The man with the final say will surely be Imagine honcho Brian Grazer, who is in the frame to produce.

We’re huge fans of Magnum here at so some advice Bri… before Ben starts to grow the ‘tache, ring Vince Vaughn and get him on the ab-cruncher…

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