A first look at Fantastic Mr Fox

The first image from Wes Anderson’s animated take on Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr fox has arrived online.

JoBlo got their paws on the pic, which you can see below.

We’d almost thought Anderson and co had forgotten about it, given the lack of trailers and promotional pics. But then, you have to remember just how long stop-motion animation truly takes.

The pic features the voices of George Clooney (as our hero), Meryl Streep (as Mrs Fox) and Bill Murray as Badger (also shown below).

Image removed at the request of 20th Century Fox and Wes Anderson.

We’re intrigued to see this thing in motion, and for what Anderson and co-writer Noah Baumbach have brought to the story.

Forget yer Chipmunks – this is the animal pic we want to see this year…

[Source: JoBlo ]

Do you like this first pic? Are you anticipating the film?

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