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40-Year-Old Virgin team reunite

Hurrah! Talented people getting the money to make another film which will hopefully make us laugh as much as The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Though given how much cash that film raked in at the box office, it’s not really surprising that studio coffers have been opening.

Judd Apatow – who co-wrote and directed Virgin – and co-star Seth Rogen have already been busy on Knocked Up. But now Sony has hired them to make Super Bad.

The film – which Apatow is producing and Rogen is writing and will star in – features two high school types who live together, play together and can’t stand the thought of being separated for long. But then they hatch a plan to score beer for a party in the hopes that girls will like them. Their idea goes downhill rather badly and impressing the ladies is replaced by their separation-anxiety panic attacks.

Rogen’s fellow student will be played by Arrested Development’s Michael Cera and Greg Mottola – who directed several episodes of Apatow’s criminally short-lived college comedy Undeclared – will call the shots when Super Bad gears up in the autumn.