7 Hot Movie Dates & How To Have Them

If you're hoping to make the right impression with your chosen partner, or trying to make sure the one you're lusting after remembers your first date forever, a night out can be a nightmare to brainstorm.

And Valentine's Day only piles on the pressure.

But if you follow some of the ideas from the movies, you should be in for a wild time. Just be careful with some of them, okay?

1. Diner And Dancing

The Film:
Pulp Fiction (1994)   

The Date Location:
1950s-themed diner Jack Rabbit Slim's

The Couple: Vincent Vega (John Travolta), Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman).

He’s a gangster’s enforcer and she’s the boss’s wife. Risky!

Does It End Well?
Not completely. While they do have a fine old time grooving the night away and winning a dance competition, the date comes to a rather drastic end when Mia overdoses.

How To Recreate It In Blighty: There's plenty of fancy diners in Britain. From The ‘50s American Diner in Derbyshire, to the Ed’s Easy Diner and Gourmet Burger Company chains across the country, and loads more.

So, whatever you do, don't end up in your local Wimpy.

You might not want to try dancing in the restaurant, though – it’s probably against Food Safety Standards.

Oh, and leave out the overdose, eh?


2. Movie, Meal… And Marriage?

The Film: True Romance (1993)

The Date Location:
Fleapit Cinema and diner

The Couple: Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) and Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette).

An Elvis obsessive and a call girl. Not the usual couple, then.

Does It End Well? After bonding over Sonny Chiba’s cinematic output, dinner at a diner (old Tarantino loves his diners) and some blue-lit sex, they get married.

So depending on your view of first dates and/or commitment, yeah, it does.

How To Recreate It In Blighty:
We suggest hitting your local art house cinema, but preferably one like London’s Prince Charles, which plays cult pics.

Add in a meal, but don’t expect to A) have sex (men) or B) get married the next day (women) on a first date. This is reality, folks.

3. Food Of Love

The Film:
9 ½ Weeks (1986)

The Date Location: New York Apartment

The Couple: John Grey (Mickey Rourke) and Elizabeth McGraw (Kim Basinger).

She’s a sexy, divorced gallery owner. He works on Wall Street. ‘80s tune-backed sparks fly.

Does It End Well?
Hell yes.

Grey spoon-feeds McGraw food from the fridge, with the drippy, tasty grub action leading to some grubbier love action.

How To Recreate It In Blighty: This one’s pretty easy: it only really needs a kitchen (preferably with wipe-clean lino), a fridge and a trip to the supermarket.

Just make sure you pick the right foods. Strawberries=right. Sprouts=wrong.


4. Love On The Run

The Film:
Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

The Date Location: A Restaurant in Bogota, Colombia.

The Couple:
John Smith (Brad Pitt), Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie).

Two assassins on the run meet at a club. They fall in love through some slinky slow dancing.

Does It End Well?
Up to a point.

They get on like a house on fire, but the people trying to off them rather put a damper on things.

How To Recreate It In Blighty:
The club/restaurant’s the easy part.

But if bullets start flying, chances are you’ll be banned for life.

5. Tough Love

The Film: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996)

The Date Location: House Of Capulet, fair Verona

The Couple: Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio), Juliet (Claire Danes).

Star-cross’d lovers R & J (not Richard and Judy) belong to warring factions, but end up finding love.

Does It End Well? Aside from their tragic future, the first proper date goes very well.

Romeo climbs Juliet’s balcony (steady!) to woo her and wakes up next to his crush the next morning.

How To Recreate It In Blighty
: The local Travelodge won’t cut it, so maybe a stately home that features hotel rooms.

Just be careful while you’re climbing, or the date will end with you in hospital.


6. Cruise Control

The Film: Titanic (1997)

The Date Location: RMS Titanic, middle of the Atlantic Ocean

The Couple:
Jack Dawson (Leo DiCaprio), Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet).

One’s a poor lad who won passage on the ill-fated ship. The other’s a rich girl saddled with a controlling fiancé and annoying corsets.

Does It End Well? They start with dancing below decks, and segue to chasing through the ship and nookie in the cargo hold.

But there’s a hitch – the ship sinks and Jack ends up sleeping with the fishes in the freezing water.

How To Recreate It In Blighty:
The karaoke lounge on the nearest P&O ferry would work well to start things off.

You might want to make a note of security and alarms if you really want to go the whole way and run through the ship, though.

And a sinking ship in freezing water? Skip that bit– total mood chiller.

7. Flying High

The Film: Superman (1978)

The Date Location: The sky above Metropolis

The Couple: Superman (Christopher Reeve), Louis Lane (Margot Kidder).

A superhero and the lady reporter with a serious crush on him.

Does It End Well? While it’s not technically a date, the pair does take a romantic flight above the city and she’s clearly in love.

Not counting her absolute terror at flying in the beginning, it does. Well, she survives, at least.

How To Recreate It In Blighty: This is a tough one, but you could make a real impression.

If you’ve got the guts (and the dosh), book both of you in for a skydiving session.

Provided you don’t both end up crapping yourselves, the rush should make for a memorable date.


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