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Willis confirmed for sci-fi Looper

Bruce Willis fans can rejoice, as the baldy vest-wearer has signed on to Rian Johnson’s time travel yarn Looper.

BruWill is set to play an older version of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character, despite the fact there’s little to no resemblance between the two actors. Can we really believe wiry indie-kid JGL one day growing into grizzled man’s man Bruce?

Still, Johnson’s got good pedigree having written and directed Brick, while the combination of Bruce Willis and sci-fi usually results in something memorable (The Fifth Element, 12 Monkeys, Unbreakable…). Let's just not mention The Surrogates.

In terms of the story, it’s been kept largely under wraps so far and what is known is about as ambiguous as anything Morpheus says in The Matrix.

The plot apparently revolves around hit men in the near-future (the titular loopers) who take their victims back in time to execute them so there’s no evidence of the crime.

Will Brucie be playing one of the assassins? Or will he be a stoic cop who stumbles onto the case? Let the speculation begin!