Weisman out, Ratner in on Escape From New York

When first reported by Ain’t It Cool News, the story was still bubbling in the rumour pool, but now IESB.net appears to have confirmed the story- Len Weisman is out of the director’s chair for the Escape From New York remake.

That said, if you’re not a fan of Underworld or Die Hard 4.0, don’t start celebrating too hard just yet. Because someone just as controversial has apparently taken the reigns. Yes, Brett Ratner – a man not known for his experience handling big effects movies – has been tapped by New Line to take on the project so that it’s ready to shoot before the probable actor’s strike next year.

Nothing is known yet about why Weisman ditched Snake Plissken, but it’s likely the script won’t get much of a re-write since the studio need this turned around soon. Which, given the praise it’s been garnering from websites, would seem to be a good thing.

300’s Gerard Butler is still on tap to fill Kurt Russell’s eye patch, but we have to ask – with the Rat on board, can it be all that great? We’ll wait and see…