Universal plans 100th anniversary restorations

Good news for fans of classic filmmaking, as Universal has announced it will be restoring and re-releasing a glut of seminal movies to celebrate the studio’s 100th anniversary.

The studio will be polishing thirteen of its most beloved titles, with the full list including All Quiet On The Western Fron t, The Birds , Buck Privates , Dracula (1931), Dracula (Spanish language), Frankenstein , Jaws , Schindler's List , Out Of Africa , Pillow Talk , Bride Of Frankenstein , The Sting and To Kill A Mockingbird .

The celebration will begin with the release of To Kill A Mockingbird on Blu-ray later this month, whilst the rest of the titles will be extensively restored and released throughout the year.

Universal has also redesigned its company logo to reflect the centenary celebrations, and the new image will appear in front of all Universal releases from March onwards.

“Our centennial is designed to bring special memories back to longtime movie lovers and fans, and to engage new audiences with our extraordinary library of films for the first time,” said Universal COO Ron Meyer. “Our goal, 100 years later, is to preserve, restore and continue the iconic legacy of this studio for generations to come.”

George Wales

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