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Wachowskis taking on modern day Robin Hood film

Will Smith

Wachowski siblings Andy and Lana are returning to Warner Bros. in order to make Hood , a “modern, urban take” on the Robin Hood legend.

THR report that the duo have already completed work on the film’s script, and will take it on as a directing job – their first since 2008’s Speed Racer .

Which means that their other projects Cobalt Neural 9 and Cloud Atlas are on the back burner for now. They’ve already shot bits of footage for the former, though finding financing has been tricky, while the latter has attracted a formidable cast.

Will Smith has been approached regarding a role in Hood , alongside a collection of other acting talent. But we can't help asking the question - do we really need another Robin Hood film, especially after this year's Ridley-Russell debacle?

With the Wachowskis transporting the tale to modern day, this could end up resembling Tim Blake Nelson’s O , a modern re-telling of Othello . We’re already imagining Hood as a down and out wannabe rapper who gets into hijacking banks to help his down-on-their-luck homies...

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