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Tweets Of The Week

Tributes to Leslie Nielsen and lots of Doctor Who tweets filled up the streams this week

We’re not going to lie, after last week’s Buffy -geddon and Steven Moffat’s Ianto bombshell it’s been a pretty slow seven days. That was until the early hours of this morning when news broke of Leslie Nielsen’s passing, aged 84. There are only two things on Twitter guaranteed to mobilise the masses more than the X Factor – announcing you’re going to remake Buffy without Joss Whedon and a celebrity death – so in honour of a sci-fi leading man turned king of comedy here’s a taste of the outpourings from Twitsville:

@ serafinowicz Sad news about Leslie Nielsen. If you've never seen 'Police Squad!' you've missed one of the funniest TV shows ever. RIP

@ DavidGArnold Leslie Nielsen could make running funny

@ dhewlett Baz enthralled watching his father laugh until he cried viewing Leslie Nielsen films last year. He will Shirley be missed :-(

@ bergopolis R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen. You will be missed, good sir. #hehadthefish

@ wilw Leslie Nielsen's in a better place. "A better place? What is it?" A construct to help cope with grief, but that's not important right


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ LouDPhillips There once was a Tweeter named Lou Who liked to promote #SGU Tho Telford was missing He kept on insisting At least you still have @ DavidBlue

@ neilhimself @ rclarkie It works, at the end, doesn't it? I sort of wish I'd written less - amazed by how much didn't make it in...

@ mishacollins i feel terrible-I was at my buddy Kim Jong Il's %26 I mistook a rocket launcher for an X-Box controller-I vow to never drink in a bunker again

@ RealReeceShears Cast and crew screening of episodes 1%262 of new series of "Psychoville" tonight. I am told "After April" is it's tv debut now! Ages away.

@ bonniegrrl I just realized Snoopy's dog house is a LOT bigger inside than on the outside. Could it be another TARDIS?! #DoctorWho

@ simonpegg I love it on Twitter when quite by chance you construct a tweet that is exactly 140 characters long. It's more satisfying than a cup of tea.

@ edgarwright @ simonpegg I know exactly what you mean.....................................................................................................

@ BRIANMBENDIS my daughters friends brother who comes over to play my xbox finally figured out he can sign into his own account. no more free cod $ for me

@ MoTancharoen Yet to comment on this Buffy reboot sans #Whedon because I can't find the words. And the words I have so far are NSFW or for being a lady.

@ Markgatiss Ok. Deep breath. It is 27 years since 'The Five Doctors'. How can this BE?!

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