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Tweets Of The Week

Something smells funny on the set of Eureka and a classic Kirk joke in this week’s tweets

Regular readers of SFX Magazine will know every issue, tucked away in the top right-hand corner of the opening contents spread, there’s a list of the “Five Things We Learnt This Month”. Much more than your average headline, these five hand picked news nuggets are the kinds of things you would never know, or need to know but are guaranteed awesome.

Wade through the jibber-jabber and Twitter in this respect is like a never-ending stream of “Things We Learnt This Month”. Were you wondering what Martin Freeman signing up for The Hobbit would mean for Sherlock ? All you needed to do was follow @ Markgatiss (Huge congratulations to the brilliant Martin Freeman on becoming Bilbo Baggins! No change to #Sherlock schedule, I'm glad to say.) Warehouse 13 fan? You might like this tidbit from @ allisonscag ( #Warehouse13 writers room effectively back in business. Step one: call and wish them happy writing. Step two: send cupcakes).

Our favourite posts aren’t these fascinating factoids, however, but trivial tweets only the most obsessive of geek could possibly find interesting. Luckily that’s us. Did you know that Eureka showrunner Amy Berg is a Doctor Who fan? (@ bergopolis I want a TARDIS bedspread... once under the covers, the bed becomes enormous!!) Or Edgar Wright’s taste in movie soundtrack? (@ edgarwright I think the record for my most listened to soundtrack for a film I have barely watched once goes to 'Vampyros Lesbos '.) Or that... well, we think we’ll let Felicia Day explain this one: @ feliciaday Craft service on Eureka today: cabbage rolls, broccoli, butter beans, chick peas... It's like someone has a fart deathwish.) Unmissable.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ wilw Sitting in the front car of the sky train, looking out the forward window. I feel like I'm going into Black Mesa in Halflife.

@ bonniegrrl Watching "Laser Mission" w/ Brandon Lee %26 Ernest Borgnine. It's like "The Crow" but with a lot less makeup, in Cuba, with lasers! #badscifi

@ DonCoscarelli Adapting a superb trans-genre 350 pg novel into a 100pg script. How? A paring knife or a chainsaw?? A little of both actually...

@ SethMacFarlane Captain Janeway sounds a little like Cobra Commander. .

@ ActuallyNPH Baby Pic! Here's our son: Well, sort of. Not his face, but his diaper. His poo has changed both color AND texture:

@ JaneEspenson Syfy picking up BSG prequel "Blood and Chrome" is a very good thing! The parts of the franchise bolster each other.

@ WilliamShatner Big Foot's pumpkin look-alike: Sasquash. My best, Bill .

@ steven_moffat Spending the day with the Doctor in the TARDIS, cos - well cos my heating's broken down. .

@ neilgrayston Thanks to all for the info regarding the shiv/shank concern. Me brandishing my shank aka shiv:

@ lucasartsgames THAT is a cake


And Finally… Why we love @ simonpegg (and also wish that David Tennant was on Twitter)

@ simonpegg


Me and David Tennant have got a timeshare on a parking space behind Budgens, Crouch End. We've never come to blows.

It's a great system. If I pull up and the Tardis is there, I just beam my car inside and park it on the tennis court.

We also tend to shop at different times to avoid paradoxical physics. He generally shops in the mid seventies. Think he likes the E numbers.

Of course he still has his Tardis, they all do. You really aren't thinking 4th dimensionally, are you?

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.