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Russell Brand's Easter Bunny gets a poster

The first poster for Hop has hit the web via Facebook.

The Easter Bunny movie is mostly live action (a first from Universal Pictures' Illumination Entertainment), with Brand voicing the animated rabbit.

The plot sees James Marsden's slacker forced to look after the Easter Bunny and nurse him back to health after accidentally injuring him.

You can check out the poster below, but this doesn't look too promising at this early stage. We'll wait for a trailer until we make a proper judgement, but there's a distinct whiff of Alvin and the Chipmunks to this (director Tim Hill was also behind that rodent atrocity).

We thought that Brand's casting might mean we were in for a holiday rabbit with a bit of a rebellious, anarchic streak, but the poster makes it look like generic kiddie fare.

The dearth of awful movies in the CGI-character-in-a-live-action-setting subgenre is also uninspiring, with the likes of Garfield , Chipmunks and Marmaduke all falling flat.

Illumination Features came up with Despicable Me , which had a bit more edge than a lot of kiddie fare, and Hop shares a couple of writers with that effort.

This is going to need a pretty decent trailer to grab our attention; we can't handle another Yogi Bear !

Source: Facebook via /Film

Looking lame? Or convinced Brand and Marsden can make this worthwhile? Rant below!