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Robert De Niro joins thriller Red Lights

Sigourney Weaver

Robert De Niro is getting ready to join Sigourney Weaver in Buried director Rodrigo Cortés’ next film, Red Lights .

Written by Spain-hailing Cortés’ himself ( Buried wasn’t), the film's a psychological thriller that follows Weaver’s psychologist, whose study of paranormal activity leads to an encounter with famous psychic De Niro.

Now, movie psychics can range from the awesome (Zelda Rubinstein in Poltergeist ) to the downright dreadful (Forest Whitaker in Species ), but considering this one's being played by Actor Of Our Generation De Niro himself, it's pretty safe to assume Red Lights will fall into the former category.

It should also show what Cortés is made of as a filmmaker. He’s proven he can handle tight situations, dreaming up some genius visuals for Buried ’s man-in-a-coffin concept - but how about when he has to think outside of the box literally instead of figuratively?

Producer Adrian Guerra seems confident, stating: “ Red Lights follows the steps of Buried in allowing us to make a highly commercial, bold and compelling film with great production values and Hollywood stars but keeping the creative control from Spain.”

We predict this is one to keep an eye on.