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Mike Myers has signed on for Austin Powers 4

According to a report by HitFix, Mike Myers has signed a deal to reprise his most famous screen role as Austin Powers, in a fourth outing for the shagadelic superspy.

Powers is surely the most famous of all Myers' big screen characters (excluding his voicework in the Shrek franchise), with Wayne Campbell coming a close second.

Seeing as he hasn't played either of those characters for almost 10 years, and in the interim we've suffered The Cat In The Hat and The Love Guru , it's not surprising that Austin's crushed velvet suit is being taken out of storage.

That said, is anyone actually clamouring for another Austin Powers movie? By the time it got to Goldmember (saved by the magnificent, cameo-packed opening sequence), it felt like the series had been wrung of every last drop of humorous potential.

There's no word on who could direct this latest instalment, and we haven't heard a hint of a possible plot, though presumably Myers will also be resuming scripting duties as well.

Myers' last onscreen appearance was a neat little role in Inglourious Basterds , and he also has a long-mooted Keith Moon biopic in the pipeline.