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Machete 2 script has already been written


Danny Trejo has been talking about Machete again, and has announced that the script for sequel Machete Kills has already been written.

Trejo spoke with director Robert Rodriguez recently, revealing: “I asked him when he was going to write it and he says it's written, so we can get started pretty quick.”

The actor has spoken before about the possibility of Machete turning into a trilogy, with Machete Kills the first sequel, and Machete Kills Again the third and final film. Clearly he was betting on this character becoming a cult icon.

“We went all over the world with that movie and people kept having me sign these Machete action figures, it was a lot of fun,” Trejo says.

“I don't even think Robert Rodriguez even expected that reception and now everyone is waiting for Machete 2 , so hurry up Robert Rodriguez!”

Machete fared pretty well on release, having so far made $37.6m worldwide – not bad considering the film’s budget was just $10m. We imagine Trejo will get to wield that giant blade again pretty soon…

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