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Liam Neeson will fight terrorism in A Willing Patriot

Liam Neeson might have hinted at an impending retirement from the action movie game, but it doesn’t seem to be on the cards any time soon with THR reporting he is set to head up Jason Keller’s A Willing Patriot.

Neeson is set to play a CIA agent who gets caught up in what THR describes as “an elaborate cat-and-mouse game with a sinister terrorist planning an imminent attack.” And needless to say, he also has a shadowy past that’s set to come into play…

Machine Gun Preacher
director Keller has penned the script for this one, which looks to be taking Neeson into fairly familiar, if commercially successful territory. If there’s one man you can count on to wage a lone war against a posse of foreign baddies, it’s our Liam.

Martin Zandvliet is set to direct, with the film is currently looking for a distribution deal at Cannes. An official release date will be confirmed in due course.

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George Wales
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