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Jennifer Lopez goes Overboard

Eighties romantic comedy Overboard is to be given an overhaul with Jennifer Lopez in the lead.

Nope, the remake commissioner over at Columbia really has no shame. While Overboard was by no means a masterpiece (Goldie Hawn is screechy, the plot's preposterous), it's entered that chamber marked 'adored classic' anyway, meaning quite a few people will be angry at a title-pillage.

Actress-slash-singer-slash-fashionista J-Lo would take the role previously inhabited by Hawn in the 1987 original – that of a spoiled rich gal who loses her memory after she falls off a yacht. Frankly, we're surprised that the studio didn't just go the obvious carbon copy route and draft in Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson for the role.

Anyway, when said rich girl wakes up with amnesia, the man who took her to hospital tells her that she is his wife, and the poor lass winds up enslaved to him and his four boys. Karmic punishment, that.

Kurt Russell starred as the faux husband in the original, though Lopez has yet to be given a playmate for the part.

Adam Cooper and Bill Collage wrote the current draft of the script, which Leslie Dixon also took a look at.

This would be Lopez’s first big screen outing since 2006, when she starred in El Cantante . She's stretched her comedy chops in similar girly yarns Monster-In-Law and The Wedding Planner , which were both moderately successful.

Think this one’s going to go down like a lead balloon?