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Iron Man 3 to be written and directed by Shane Black?

iron man 3

Jon Favreau’s ditched Iron Man 3 , but it seems that Marvel have found a replacement writer-director in the form of Shane Black.

No doubt recommended by Robert Downey Jr. himself, who worked with Black on the brilliant crime caper Kiss Kiss Bang Bang , Black has officially met with Marvel regarding the film.

Having also written the first two Lethal Weapon films, along with The Last Boy Scout , Black’s no stranger to all-out action and snappy dialogue.

He’s yet to broach a comic book movie in full, though he famously did script doctor work on the first two Iron Man films at Robert Downey Jr's suggestion - he has also been linked to manga adaptation Death Note .

Considering the one-liner-loaded efforts of his previous films, we’re sure Black would bring a certain pizzazz to a third Iron Man – not least because he’d probably be able to turn in a finished script before filming (something Favs never managed).

THR caution that although Black is in talks to write Iron Man ’s third cinematic outing, there’s no guarantee that he’ll also be offered the directing job.

Iron Man 3 is due to open in May 2013.